100 Ways You Can Help

100 Things You Can Do To Help

  1. Donate clothing for women in the shelter
  2. Serve on the Board of Directors
  3. Donate fresh fruit and vegetables to the shelter
  4. Volunteer to paint offices or the shelter
  5. Read to children in the shelter
  6. Raise strong, independent, confident daughters
  7. Donate books for children in the shelter
  8. Purchase a set of sheets for a bed in the shelter
  9. Volunteer to teach a cooking class at the shelter
  10. Ask your children’s schools to have prevention and awareness presentations
  11. Volunteer to build storage shelves in the shelter
  12. Intervene when the men you are with make degrading remarks about women
  13. Raise sons who respect and like women as a class of people
  14. Support proposed legislation that supports DV or SA
  15. Read professional articles about sexual assault
  16. Watch out for the children in your neighborhood
  17. Volunteer to clean the shelter
  18. Purchase playground balls for the children in the shelter
  19. Teach your children to identify and name their emotions
  20. Attend fundraising activities
  21. Listen to your children
  22. Teach your children accurate names for body parts
  23. Intervene when you think a child is being hurt
  24. Volunteer to sort donated clothes into sizes for those in the shelter
  25. Volunteer to teach personal budget classes
  26. Know your children’s friends and their parents
  27. Teach your children age-appropriate and accurate sexuality
  28. Learn some basic statistics about domestic violence
  29. Donate dishes to women leaving the shelter
  30. Teach your children non-violent conflict resolution
  31. Donate money
  32. Talk to your children about their developing sexuality
  33. Know the warning signs young men display when dating your daughter
  34. Read articles about domestic violence
  35. Volunteer to provide administrative support
  36. Learn some basic statistics about sexual assault
  37. Believe a woman when she tells you her husband hit her
  38. Donate clothes for children in the shelter
  39. Advocate at your children’s schools for accurate, age-appropriate sex education
  40. Volunteer to organize the pantry at the shelter
  41. Encourage local governments to fund CCWCC
  42. Support a woman’s choice, even if it is to go back to her abuser
  43. Donate gas cards to women in the shelter
  44. Notice the children in your realm who seem to lack family support
  45.  Learn how to approach a woman you think is being assaulted
  46. Donate pots and pans to women leaving the shelter
  47. Teach your daughters to make their own decisions
  48. Donate clothes appropriate for interviews to women in the shelter
  49. Offer your professional printing services
  50. Mentor a young man who has recently become a dad
  51. Consider hiring women for a job who are leaving the shelter
  52. Make quilts for beds in the shelter
  53. Purchase hygiene products for women in the shelter
  54. Purchase child-sized furniture for the kids in the shelter
  55. Teach children to respect all other persons
  56. Help your children express their emotions
  57. Volunteer to cut the women’s hair who are in the shelter
  58. Offer your professional graphic design services
  59. Be a mentor to a young mom with children
  60. Model appropriate loving, respectful relationships
  61. Encourage your employer to create an employee donor system for CCWCC
  62. Don’t describe women by their body parts
  63. Donate money for executive salaries
  64. Volunteer to mentor young moms in the shelter
  65. Volunteer to teach vegetable gardening
  66. Purchase towels for women leaving the shelter
  67. Support women making their own decisions
  68. Teach your dating-age daughters the warning signs they may see in young men
  69. Participate in community awareness events
  70. Report incidents when children are being hurt
  71. Challenge stereotypes
  72. Express your knowledge that most sex offenders are related to or have a relationship with their victim
  73. Donate drinking glasses to women leaving the shelter
  74. Offer to sponsor a fundraising event
  75. Never take your healthy relationships for granted
  76. Donate movie tickets to those in the shelter
  77. Share some of your easy, favorite recipes to women in the shelter
  78. Donate arts and crafts materials for children in the shelter
  79. Offer your professional IT services
  80. Volunteer to mow the lawn at the shelter
  81. Donate birthday party in a bag for children in the shelter
  82. Volunteer as a tutor for children in the shelter
  83. Donate a computer for kids to do homework in the shelter
  84. Volunteer to conduct mock interviews for women seeking a job
  85. Donate money to support the GED program for women in the shelter
  86. Volunteer for game nights at the shelter
  87. Donate appropriate movies for children in the shelter
  88. Pay attention to adults who get kids off by themselves
  89. Encourage your schools to add anti-bullying curriculum
  90. Donate non-violent, appropriate movies for kids aged 8-14
  91. Volunteer to work at a fundraising event
  92. Encourage your business to support an internship at CCWCC
  93. Offer your facility for fundraising events
  94. Conduct a fundraising activity and donate the proceeds
  95. Encourage your place of employment to make an annual contribution
  96. Volunteer to organize the storage closets at the shelter
  97. Donate tableware for women leaving the shelter
  98. Encourage other parents to talk to their kids about being safe
  99. Donate money for family activities who are in the shelter
  100. Model healthy, loving relationships