Lethality Assessment Program (LAP)

Lethality Assessment Program (LAP)

The Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) is a tool designed to reduce risks and save lives. Modeled after a similar program in Maryland, the LAP involves an assessment by law enforcement to determine risks and, if risks are identified, collaboration with community-based victim service providers. Working together, law enforcement officials and victim service providers are better able to support victims with a variety of processes to include, but not limited to, counseling, housing, medical, financial, legal and other needs.

Partnerships With Law Enforcement

In 2015, CCWCC partnered with local law enforcement agencies as part of a statewide initiative to proactively prevent domestic violence homicides. Victim advocates and law enforcement officers have been trained to implement an evidence based protocol that helps first responders quickly assess how severe a situation is, promote self-awareness for the victim, and connect them to services.

In the first year of implementation, the screening tool of 11 questions was administered to 104 victims; 80 victims screened in as “high danger” and received emergency shelter, crisis counseling, help in obtaining a protective order, and/or emergency financial assistance for relocation through CCWCC services. This program is saving lives. CCWCC plans to institutionalize the LAP and expand the program to include all law enforcement agencies within our service area of Iron, Beaver, and Garfield counties.

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